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Our App

An app that matches strangers into trusted co-livers, with the art of psychology and artificial intelligence

Want to move out or rent out your flats without going for a subdivided flat option?

UKEI is where you, as co-livers, tenants and housing vendors, can match and build trust among each other with the back of big data and psychology-backed AI analysis! Create your own co-living community and share a higher standard of living!


Our matching algorithm is aided by the power of AI to give users best possible match.


With our strict pre-scanning and verification, meet only trusted flatmates and landlords.


We understand the needs from both sides: the potential tenant and the landlord. We aim to close the market gap by addressing each of their needs.


We focus a lot on health and trust, and strongly believes that a stronger community fosters good mental health.

Our Product

Focuses on tenants to find their ideal roommate and living space.

  • Big Data Analysis

    UKEI provides a friendly analytics dashboard for landlords, the key to optimize your package!

  • Personality Analysis

    Do you know extraversion and conscientiousness matter the most in co-living with others? UKEI’s personality test rides on the science of psychology, giving you and your potential mates best understanding of what suit you!

  • Match Yourselves

    Enjoy the simple yet fun matching customized for you!

  • Profile Generation

    The synergy of big data and our AI then brings you optimal candidates.

  • Psychology based AI

    Encounter people who match you based on psychological test endorsed by experts.

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We are social beings - we are really not meant to live alone

Kirby Dunn